• Zoom Meeting Essentials

    ...Save the dainty necklace layers and delicate earrings
    for masked up errand days. 
  • Destress Your Neckmess

    The key to the process is that more is ...well... MORE! 
  • Making Masks Stylish

    Face masks are the new normal and aren't going away anytime soon. It's time give them a fashionable upgrade with the addition of necklace chains! ...
  • Finding peace in a pandemic

    Getting back into the studio and adding to this collection felt like a return to normalcy. When I'm in crisis I tend to panic and forget that my way back is through using my hands and creating.
  • For the Love of Love

    Valentine's gifts for all the good girls on you list + FREE SHIPPING!! 

  • Happy New Year

    I’m not really big on New Years resolutions but I did set some business and personal goals. One of the personal goals... 
  • HERstory

    ...designed to tell all of our stories.

    Created to empower you by adorning you with armor in the form of one a kind jewelry!


  • Worn

    Jean jackets designed for the woman who has lots to say and wants the world to know her opinion ...


  • Good Girls Gone Rogue

    We are back and excited to show y'all what we've been up to! 
  • Wanderlust

    ...devouring culture through photos and imagination. Cultivating my own tribe of Good Girls and adorning them with redesigned artifacts from other countries and centuries past.