wan·der·lustnoun; a strong desire to travel.
Do not follow the where the path may lead... Ralph Waldo Emerson
As a single mom with a 2yr old & an 18yr old (yes, you read that right!) it's hard to travel. I have this strong desire to see the world and dig through all the treasures in every flea market in Paris, explore the ancient castles of Rome, eat my way across Europe and take in every ounce of culture and fashion I can! With my little Ellie bird & son Tyler in tow that is unrealistic. 
Wanderlust inspiration
For now, I'm a stay at home gypsy, devouring culture through photos and imagination. Cultivating my own tribe of Good Girls and adorning them with redesigned artifacts from other countries and centuries past.
Won't you join me on this journey?
XOXO~ Johanna...
thee Good Girl