Zoom Meeting Essentials

Welcome to the new normal...
getting dressed up from the waist up for Zoom meetings
instead of heading into the office. 
How do you dress to impress for a video call!?! 
2 words... 
Zoom Meeting Essentials
Bold Earrings and Bold Necklaces!
VIntage Assemblage Statement Necklace
Pops of color, chunky gold chains...
whatever speaks to your mood
(and company environment)! 
statement earrings
Save the dainty necklace layers and delicate earrings
for masked up errand days. 
(we've got you covered there too!)
Whatever your day looks like, either at home or in the office,
I pray you Good Girls are all safe and healthy
...and well accessorized! 
XOXO~ Johanna...thee good girl